Friday, November 18, 2011

Our field trip to the lingerie store

So, tonight, my pet came home to me walking down the stairs in a stunning clingy dress with knee-length boots.  He nearly melted to the floor.  Had it not been for the babysitter standing in the room he probably would have tried to go on his knees and please me...but he had to behave.  In fact, the entire night was the same theme.  He took me to a nice Mexican bistro where we sat across from two couples which seemed like a double date.  One of the men was so desperate to get out of the date, he kept on making eye contact with me.  I gave him a few eye fucks.  My pet told me that he was getting turned on.  We ended up at Victoria's Secret.  I was in the market for some new bras and panties.  I had built up his anticipation Sunday when I told him that he was going to take me to VS and buy me some new bras and panties.  He was so excited that whenever I mentioned our little trip he would get very cramped in his cage!

So, on we went to VS.  I finally let him in the changing room with me to get a sneak peak of the new bra.  I then had the associate take me to the panty section and selected new panties to go along with my new bras.  Nearly $200.00 later I had 2 new bra and panty sets.

Ahh, the life of a keyholder is not too bad.  Now, the rest of the night is going to call for a little whipped cream and some cherries.  I think I am going to allow him to have dessert tonight.

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