Thursday, October 24, 2013

Handling the work week

In order to keep my chaste submissive engaged during the week I had to get creative.  I decided to create assignments for each day and hide them.  I then send him text messages telling him where he will find the next assignment.  It is sort of an adult scavenger hunt.  My submissive works from home so his schedule is a little more flexible and I am able to really have my way with him.  Here are some of the ideas I did this week.

Take a candle (there is one under your sink).  Light the candle, drizzle hot wax over my cock.  Take a cold shower so that you don't bust out of the cage.  Take a picture and send it to my email with the subject "candlelight dinner".

Here is a picture of what he sent to me.


  1. Thank you Mistress… I've a very lucky slut to serve you.

  2. I realize it's been some time since you wrote this post, but I felt I needed to comment. I love the idea! All of it, including the text messages to tell him where to find his next task. Imagination is key to being a good Key holder and I love finding new and creative ideas.

    Mistress Ivey